Affiliate - Prince Edward Island

This is a guide to how many PROfessionals would like to have in each city / town in Atlantic Canada. These numbers would give choice to our public clients when searching for needed PROs. JOIN TODAY!

This "Affiliate" section will explain how the commission structure will be broken down when becomes a "PRO Pay Model". Presently, there is NO CHARGE for signing up as a PRO member.

Population Guide for Sales Team Prince Edward Island Cities & Towns

Number City / Town Name Gross Population Percentage of 750,000 Total # of PROs
1 Charlottetown 44,739 30.0 600
2 Summerside 13,814 9.2 184
3 Cornwall 2,460 1.7 34
4 Montague 1,834 1.2 24
5 Kensington 1,562 1.1 22
      TOTAL 864


Commission Template Tier 1 Salesperson

  • PRO Member annual fee of $599.88 but paid in full in one payment is $549.89 which includes 1 month FREE for one-time one-payment
    • $30.00 commission paid quarterly (four times a year, possibly monthly depending on sales volume)
  • PRO Member pays monthly $49.99
    • $2.50 commission paid quarterly (four times a year - every three months = $7.50 quarterly each/PRO sale)
  • Residual Commission
    • If the Salesperson can keep the PRO as a member in, the $30 commission per PRO will be paid annually based on date of membership


Commission Template Tier 2 Salesperson

  • PRO Referrals
    • PRO will receive 1 month FREE for every other PRO he/she refers that purchase a membership through the one-time lump sum payment (same structure as above)
  • Salesperson Commission
    • Salesperson will receive extra $5.00 referral commission per PRO when the PRO they referred refers a new PRO who paid annually dated when the PRO paid annual fee
    • If the 2nd Tier stays in place, this $5.00 will be paid on the membership anniversary when payment is received each year
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