A bridge allows us to get over obstacles.

November 22, 2021

A physical bridge allows us to get over an obstacle. Life too, has its obstacles and bridges create paths over those that may hinder our progressive movement. Life’s obstacles will keep us away from our goals and objectives if we allow them. We have daily choices, and each presented choice has an unmade decision attached to it. Hopefully by researching our choices, the decision we make will help move us in a positive direction.

Our life is made up of different phases and creating plans that help move us from one phase to another is very important. How well we plan our steps will dictate how firm a stand we take and therefore, how our life will unfold!

As an example of a “bridging process”, let’s use “renovating a home” as an example of a task that we decide to perform. There are many PROfessionals that need to be a part of this activity. All PROs cannot be at the property at the same time; therefore, the creation process must be broken down into stages of what PROs need to be at the project and at what time. If a trade person cannot come as scheduled, we need to bridge the process until that PROcan get to the project. Sometimes, the project must stop until that PRO is available but to keep the project on schedule, a bridge must be created. There must be another PRO who can continue with another part of the grand process, while certain other tasks are in a wait and hold pattern.

In our life, we are quite commonly in one position and waiting to move to another on our journey but to get to that new position, there must be something created that carries us there, whether it be time, money, friends, family, or acquaintances, each of these are a “bridge” in that respect. We always try to move forward in our lives and these bridges help get us there.

Start today! Be “Proactive”! Search! Be secure, warm, and dry!

By Hal Butler, Realtor

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