A fire in the soul can create a burning desire to succeed

December 20, 2021

Life at the best of times demands our full attention. It needs us to be actively engaged in its unfolding. We need to steer our “ship” where we want it to go. To do this, we must plan by setting “Goals” and using “objectives” to meet those “Goals”. If you wanted to take a trip to another province for ten days, you would plan that trip by filling those days with things you wanted to do while there. You would not leave those days to a “chance fill”! That means take the trip but just “go with the flow”. You would probably miss out on doing and seeing many things. Most people do plan their trips! So, how about planning your life? How about setting some “Goals & Objectives”? How about steering your “SHIP” where you want it to go? You can!

We begin our lives with no knowledge and progress through the different phases, building only immediate knowledge as we need it; however, we should also be preparing and planning for our future retirement’s financial needs. This day will come, and most won’t be prepared because they haven’t planned for it. As you get older, you will realize where the “junctures” were in your life and what path you should have chosen, over the path you chose.

There are many people working past the age of 65. Most are working because they must. They have no money to assist them in their retirement, and the money they do have will NOT pay all their expenses.

“Succeeding” is not just meant for the years until 60-65. It must include all time, right up until you die. We still must eat, sleep, dress, and more. The extra financial burden is created by having to purchase medication that we will need to live. This is not for all but for many. 

Life is what we make of it! It is created and maintained through our decisions. Good decisions make for a good life. Bad decisions make for a difficult life. It’s that simple!

Start today! Be “Proactive”! Search! Find what you need! Be secure! Be warm! Be dry!

By Hal Butler, Realtor

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