February 28, 2022

What can be said about “Commitment”? How committed are you to your life? Nothing will happen in your life without “commitment”, but “commitment” to what? You must have “commitment” to “action”.

As I have stressed before, we plan parties, trips, and so much more but do we plan our lives? To committ to anything in life, we should complete a “self-inventory”. Where have we come from and what did we do there? Make a list of your lives: employment, family, investment, financial, social, & self. What have you been doing in each? Are you happy where each of your lives are living? If not, how can you change your life, your stars? 

Well, if after creating your “self-inventory”, you are ready to make changes and move forward, you will need to identify where you would like to be in 1-3-5-10 years. If you allow your life to float like a feather on the wind, your direction will be random and your troubles will be many; however, by creating a “Life Plan”, it will give you direction through the creation of “Goals” and “Objectives”. It is fine to have and live with “hope”; however, “action” is needed to create movement and thus reality!

Just remember, in any vehicle we drive, we must “STEER”! Our life is so much more important! One can describe our life as a vehicle, so we must indeed “STEER” where we want it to go.

There are many tools around us that will help us live a wonderful life. We just have to take life seriously and “STEER”!

by Hal Butler, BA, BE, Realtor

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