Communications shouldn’t be a difficult climb!

October 03, 2022

There is little difference between those tasks that must be completed in a business with just the owner employed or a business where 100 people are employed! The following must be understood: Marketing, Financial, Operations, & Communications. Just opening the business, isn’t enough! Do more! Receive more! Be more!

Communications within a company doesn’t have to be a difficult climb! The climb to the top depends on the people you hire at the bottom, from the ground up! You must hire the right person for each position. Once hired, each must be trained well OR your business will suffer which means everybody will suffer! Each employee must know his/her role well. Training is imperative, for “Customer Service = Higher Profit”! How many times have you felt the person you were speaking with at a business location did not know what they should know, and thus, they really weren’t helping you? This will affect a business’ profit! The customer may not return because of that experience, so it is important to make every experience with your business, one that the customer would like to repeat! Being clear and concise with your employees and your customers will lead to success! Train well!! Explain Well!!

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