Completing your own renovations Part 1

March 06, 2023

My wife and I have completed several “renovation projects” over the past five years. Those “renovation projects” carry with them great responsibilities. In completing them, we made sure that the changes made followed the most recent “building codes” for our area.

When completing those types of projects, public safety should always be the priority. There are guidelines that must be followed, and they are found in a “building code”. So, when Joe & Joline Public purchase a property, they should always use a “licensed realtor” and one who also has a great reputation in many areas, not just real estate. The “Buyers” need to ask people they trust for referrals to those realtors. Property purchases are always very important!

I am aware of homes that have been “renovated” by people who did not follow the building code of that area. They cut corners in the renovations not caring about that future family who would eventually buy that property! As a realtor, I have advised my clients against specific purchases because of structural and other deficiencies. These deficiencies become apparent when a ”Home Inspection” is performed by a “licensed inspector”. 

Next week - “Completing your own renovations Part 2”.

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