Customer Service: The Bankable Buck!

October 18, 2022

Customer Service: What does it mean to you as a business owner? IT SHOULD MEAN EVERYTHING! Without this, you have nothing and will have nothing!

As a classroom teacher who delivers entrepreneurship & business curriculum, I can tell you of many classroom conversations I have had with students about employment. They have told me that “minimum wage” doesn’t warrant them giving much “Customer Service” to the business’ customers! They don’t care! It’s not worth it! It’s a nothing hourly wage. I believe that paying only “minimum wage” is adding to the number of vacant employment positions in our marketplace. Few people young or old want to work for “Minimum Wage”.

As a business owner, you need to avoid this hazardous situation with ALL employees. Whether young or old, ALL PEOPLE NEED TO BE TREATED FAIRLY! Calculations should be made before you start your business and certainly before you hire employees regarding what exactly you CAN AFFORD to pay within your business. It should never be about maximizing your profit and minimizing the monetary compensation given to your employees! That attitude will hurt your business long term, and even in the short term!


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