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November 07, 2022

I always say, “Life gets in the way of living!” What does this mean you might ask? Well, in this life, living can get very hectic, whether you manage a business or manage a household or both. One can get caught up in all the things that need to be done and neglect some things we like to do with family and friends.

How can we complete all the tasks we must AND enjoy those times that we like? We need to “plan” our days. If we do this, we can squeeze much more into our days. We have a limited time here on this “green ball” floating in space. We do not know when our time will be up, so we must work and enjoy our time as much as we can. This really will require “plans” on how we will spend our time and with whom.

We know the hours of our work and those hours will pay our monthly expenses. Hopefully, we have more money left than what we need to pay those expenses! This, for many, is not the case. Today, people must be creative with their earnings and may be even need a second job to help with expenses and leisure activities. All it takes is making a “plan” on how you will do what you must and how you will participate in your “leisure time”. JUST DO IT!

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