Is foundation work needed?

August 15, 2022

“Water” can give a positive or negative experience! Personal property having water around it as a lake, the ocean, or a river, in most cases, will be more revered; however, if water is in your property where it shouldn’t be, it won’t give you a smile!

“Water” can get in your property through many areas. Your property must have a “water-tight roof”, a “water-tight basement”, and “water-tight windows and doors”. These areas should be checked regularly.

Homeowners should create a “home maintenance check plan”. Checking different places in and on your property for “water creep” and repairing that “creep” will give more longevity to your property. All moisture will cause mold and mold is a health problem. It must be remediated once it has been discovered. Create that safe healthy sanctuary. Call PROfinders when needed!

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