Is your wood stove WETT certified?

December 05, 2022

The fall season is almost over, and the winter season is slowly coming into view. You will probably use your wood stove if you have one. It’s important to maintain this stove and chimney from year-to-year. Have a WETT certified technician check your stove for regulation compliance, and also have a chimney sweep clean your chimney. It’s too late to do this after a mishap!

Is your fireplace WETT certified? The WETT acronym stands for “Wood Energy Technology Transfer”. If you have a wood burning stove on your property, your insurance company will need this stove WETT certified, so that the stove is safely installed on your property. If a fire took place in your home, your insurance company will not cover the damage due to “fire or smoke” if the stove wasn’t WETT certified and/or if the appliance wasn’t maintained! 

The issue is if you put a wood stove on your property without notifying your insurance company, they will not cover if a fire takes place and burns any part of your property. I know people who have had a wood stove installed but didn’t feel it important to notify their insurance company. They were wrong!

Don’t let this happen to you! Prepare today! Call your insurance company!

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