Mmmmmm, innovation?

October 24, 2022

Innovation” is the key to all in our universe! I took the “outhouse” picture above in New Brunswick at an abandoned home. I was told by neighbors that the family that lived in this home had lots of land and were upper middle class. In all my journeys, this is the first time I have seen a “double-seater”! To the right, it looks like a child’s seat as to accompany an adult. The point here is “innovation” was used to accommodate perceived need.

One’s life and business are all about “adapt & adopt”. Whether it be business or one’s actual life, events occur that will cause us to have to “stop and assess” our immediate circumstance. We will have to look for another path to tread because of the obstacles encountered, and if one can’t be found, we must then create the path that we must follow!

We have examples in our society where those involved did not innovate their circumstance. One example is “Blockbuster”. As the story goes, this company once had an opportunity to purchase Netflix but did not take it. A second example is the housing market. Carpet and oak were popular in homes and one day, their popularity was gone; however, people did not change their carpet or oak cupboards. When the time came to sell their home, because it was dated with carpet and oak cupboards, maximum sale price was not obtained.

Whether business or personally, innovate! Stay ahead of the competition!

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