Need an arborist?

June 27, 2022


Our property will be at its best when we have it groomed. All trees should be cut back as to be aesthetically pleasing. Our property should have great “roadside curb appeal”. It needs to have all bushes cut back as well. Some people spend time completing these types of tasks and unfortunately, others do not! Could you use an “arborist”?

A property is very similar to a person. Most people leave their homes looking the best they can. Others do not! People spend their time having showers, dressing in clean clothes, putting on their best shoes, making sure their hair is combed, and so much more. People like to be “in-style”! People like to look good! What do they do for their homes?

Do people actually keep their homes “in-style”? Are their homes, to use a phrase I created, “renovation current”? Life happens to us every day! We can’t foresee what events will take place tomorrow or in the near/far future, so we need to be “ready” to make changes in our life that might need to be made. 

To do this, our home and our life should be always ready to make change. PROs can be found in all areas of our life. If you are looking for a PRO, visit It is FREE to browse. If you are a PRO, become a member at It is FREE to join, presently. Contact one of the PROs on our website. Set yourself up for success!

By Hal Butler BA, Bed, Realtor

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