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June 06, 2022

Let’s discuss what needs to be completed on a property to keep it in a state of “positive condition”. If we leave our properties without improvement, we are setting ourselves up for failure. As homeowners, we need to have our properties in a “maintained” condition. We also need our properties in what I call a “Renovation Current” position. (I coined this😊)

We need to make sure all leaks in roofs, windows, doors, concrete floors, and concrete walls are repaired. There should be “NO” water getting into a property from one of those areas. Water entering your property will cause much damage so to minimize, it needs to be repaired immediately.

This “Renovation Current” condition needs to be maintained because life happens, so you will never know what will occur tomorrow. There may be a death, a separation, a divorce, a job transfer, and more that will cause a change in your “current” home situation. Now, if you have to sell your home and you are not “Renovation Current”, you could stand to lose thousands of dollars in the sale of your property. This is a “curable condition”! Just prepare!

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By Hal Butler BA, Bed, Realtor


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