Payroll: Are your hands tied?

October 11, 2022

Don’t feel that your hands are tied regarding “Payroll”! Create a calculation model. When hiring employees, remember, they will be your bread and butter because they are connecting with your customers! They will make or break your business! All your hard work can be undone or can be moved to the next level by those employees. Choose! Hire! Train! Reward!

A business cannot operate without employees! When you hire people, you need to hire the right people for each position. They need to have great credentials and a great work ethic. You need to have a great training program and pay them well in that position so they will stay. If they stay, it will lower your training costs. Transient employees aren’t good for business!

You need to budget every aspect of your business. You don’t want to pay too much, but you cannot pay too less either! People will NOT care about their job if you pay them an unfair wage. The government implements a “Minimum Wage” so employers can’t pay below this amount. Why would you pay someone this wage, anyway? I call it “Minimum Wage Mentality”. It will usually equal the work that employee gives to the business. You usually get what you pay for. How would you feel in that “Minimum Wage” situation?

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