Sometimes the view you waited for…

April 04, 2022

  “Sometimes the view you waited for REALLY is just beyond the trees…” Think about your life. How many times were you “hell-bent” on completing a certain task but decided to stop trying before attaining your desired results. Think about each of those times. Imagine, if you knew that you had stopped just before reaching the results you wanted! The problem is each time you stop before you meet your desired results, you will never know how close you were. 

Each of us must learn to evaluate our “circumstance” and decide how far we are willing to go before stopping the pursuit of our goals. To do this, we first need to understand the word “circumstance”. “Circum” which means “around”, and “stance” means “attitude towards something”. We now understand that the word “circumstance” means your “attitude of and around a certain event or topic”. 

If we want to be successful in our lives, we need to use all the tools for success that we have available to us. Knowing who to ask for help when you need it is very important. You can’t make all the mistakes in the world, so it would be wise to learn from mistakes made by others. When you want to learn how to swim, you take lessons or read “how-to”. If you want to learn how to build something, you can read or watch a video on that topic. How about if you want to be “successful”, what do you do then? WOW! That’s a great question! The best way is always to create a Plan with Goals and Objectives. First, you must define what being “successful” means to you. Once you have a satisfactory understanding of what “success” means to you, you can research areas that help you with your definition. For example, let’s say to you, success means earning $1,000 per week. You should then make a list of how you could earn that amount. You could work for someone else which is “trading your hours for pay”. You could work for yourself which allows you to earn more than an hourly wage. You could go to school to learn to earn more by attending a post-secondary institution that offers programs in areas of interest. 

In this situation, we are completing a “Life Plan” with strategy investigation that will allow us to obtain the results we wish to. If the “Goal” is to make this wage, we must identify the “how-to” that will accomplish this. 

This brings us back to the initial step of understanding our “circumstance”!

By Hal Butler, BA, BEd, Realtor

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