Success, where does it begin? Part 1

January 16, 2023

Success, where does it begin? We all strive for a certain level of success. Who or what do we use as our benchmark? What should we do to help us travel along that “success” path? How important is it to actually obtain results from this, our chosen path?

What do we have to do to obtain “success”? Well, “success” begins in school. From K to grade 12, we “try” to understand the material given to us. As a teacher, I believe K to 10 gives us a great foundation for high school. The last two years of high school, grade 11 & grade12, are most important! The courses students take at that time should be well-chosen because those courses will assist in opening doors to a great future, if chosen correctly and high marks in each is obtained. Once the courses are chosen, focus must be maintained!

Choose as many math & science courses as you can. These courses will assist in opening doors to your future! But what happens when the “content” creates confusion? What happens when the student gets lost in what seems to be a mountain of information? If that occurs, you must find a way to “understand & retain the content”. How would you do this? Next week, read Part 2.

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