What happened to the tape measure?

February 20, 2023

As technology moves ahead exponentially, our society loses the ability to complete tasks that were once completed “manually”. Because of this, our people are losing valuable “life-skill abilities”. 

The measuring tool above and other electronic “smart phone aps” are everywhere! As a society, we are becoming “dehumanized” regarding “humanity’s” desire to retain its “life-skill” activities, and we are moving away from “self-dependence” and moving toward total “technology-dependence”. Where will it all end?

Over the centuries, we have learned how to sustain ourselves with our hands. Now, we seemingly are doing the opposite - dependence on things external to us. We must at least understand that there is no way back once the skills have been lost! People will have to “re-learn” much needed skills to survive IF technology fails on a global scale!

It's happening! Just make yourself aware and be “investigative” when it comes to all progress. Can we once again become free within ourselves?

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