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FREE membership          FREE searching          FREE membership          FREE searching          FREE membership          FREE searching is a searchable online database the public can use for FREE! It has been created to assist the public with “PROject / task” completion. The database can be searched for “PROfessionals” who have the skills that are needed to complete those jobs. Ask all your PRO friends to join this FREE website to give them another venue to advertise their services. The pandemic has hurt many businesses, and this website will be an added tool to help find work for all members of!




This website is a FREE membership website where “PROs” can join to assist them in obtaining suitable work. Many craftspeople/PROfessionals do not market themselves or are unable to market their skills. Work is obtained through “referrals” only. This website will help make the skill information available to the general public so needed work can be quoted by the PRO.

The creator Hal Butler is a practicing Realtor in the Greater Moncton Area. In his position as a realtor he has been asked to refer “PROfessionals” to homeowners who need work completed on their homes. PROfessionals such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, septic inspectors, landscapers and more have been referred. His and other Realtor recommendations have been used many times over the past number of years to assist homeowners with work to be completed.

After years of keeping records of those PROfessionals, Hal decided to create a website that allows the public to search an online database for PROfessionals who are needed to complete the available work.

He decided to go one step further and create this website for all PROs that might be needed by the public, such as graphic artists, tutors, dancers, illustrators, and more.



PROcare extras – If you need help with building an engaging website for your clients or tweaking your present website, contact us for assistance. If you need help with explaining what you do through video, photography, and/or written content, contact us. We can also help with creation of a Facebook Business Page!

PROjects / tasks – If you have work that needs to be completed, use our “PROject Submission Form to explain what exactly is needed. This form will be automatically sent to those PROs who match the criteria needed.

viPRO – Our “very important PRO” is a “Focus” on one of our many PROs that will use video interviewing of the PRO owner explaining the work being completed and a more intense explanation of what that PRO does!

PROshop – As a PRO, if you create PROducts and you are a member of, you can submit pictures with a description of what you have created to sell and sell it through the website. This feature is included on the PROs membership form.

PROmos – If any of our members have any kind of PROmos, such as coupons, PROmo numbers, etc, the PROmos can be uploaded to the website. Assistance will be available if needed.

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