This "Affiliate" section will explain how the commission structure will be broken down when becomes a "PRO Pay Model". Presently, there is NO CHARGE for signing up as a PRO member. is looking for at least one Salesperson who will operate by commission on its team from each of the four Atlantic Provinces. If one person can look after the complete provincial territory, it could mean a great annual commission total and for each year thereafter that your PRO stays a member in

For example, the Nova Scotia Salesperson signs up 1,000 paid PROs so he/she will receive $30.00 per membership x 1,000 new members which equals $30,000 for that year! If that team member can manage those PROs and keep them as members in year over year, it will mean $30,000 per year in commission!! The Salesperson has to remain a Salesperson with to continue to receive the annual commission based on PROs who have signed up under that Salesperson.

When you click on each of the provincial links below, it will bring you to an area explaining the commission structure model as well as the names of the cities & towns with numbers of expected PRO Sign Ups. These numbers are only used as a guide. This number is used as a baseline but keep in mind that each sale to a new PRO, you will receive $30.00!

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