Breakwater? Preventative maintenance?

October 31, 2022

In recent years, we have had several storms that have wreaked havoc on our Atlantic Canadian coastline and our Atlantic Canadian population! For those that live near the water, breakwater creations are needed to save land. They are of considerable cost to those that live near the water and can cost up to $100,000+ depending on how much rock is needed to support the property’s edge. Recently, because of Fiona, I have seen unfathomable damage along the coastline in New Brunswick AND in our cities with the uprooting of large trees. 

Preventative maintenance is very important if you own a property, whether it is on the water or not. The real issue is the “waiting”! People generally do not give their property a yearly checkup but “wait” until problems arise. Many times, it is too late when issues are identified. With preventative maintenance, costs to repair your property are usually lower when issues are identified early.

Through the years, our personal health declines but so too does the “health” of our home. As a Realtor in New Brunswick, I advise my clients to schedule a “Home Inspection” before the home is listed “For Sale”. This inspection will identify all issues with the property in the “Inspection Report”. The issues found are usually used against the present homeowner as a sale’s negotiation strategy when potential buyers complete their inspection of the property. Isn’t it better to identify and repair issues before it is listed and sold? Think about it!

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