Clarity & Confusion

October 04, 2021

“Clarity & Confusion” - What do I start? Where do I start? What do I do? Who do I speak with? How much money do I need? Do I have a clear direction? Am I in a state of confusion?

When deciding to start a business, there are many questions that must be asked before you can get to where you want to be. It is fine to be confused initially but you need to have an eventual clear direction before you begin and invest your “hard-earned” money. Though the amount of money needed is directly related to the project you eventually decide to begin, you must identify all that is needed to accurately create this state of “clarity” in direction. This clarity is a “Natural Law” aka “Life Principle”.

Do you have a product to sell? Do you have a service to offer? You can begin at the beginning or “begin with the end in mind”. “Beginning with the end in mind” can create a clear plan when you work backwards from a “finished project” mindset. This is called “reverse engineering”.

What would you like to see in “your” result - the finished business model? How will you earn your money? Do you need a physical office? If so, what will you need to have in that office? What kind of equipment? How large a space will you need? How much will that space cost? How many people resources do you need? What will their salaries be? You need to “identify” these important components to figure out what capital will be required for “your” business venture. 

Whether “your” business succeeds or not will indeed depend on “your creation plan”. This “creation plan” will need to be physically written. It needs to be accurate and all-inclusive. This “creation plan” is called a “business plan”. If you were to go on a trip next year on your summer vacation, you would “plan” all parts of that trip to ensure its success. You would plan where to stay, who to visit, what to visit, how much money will it cost, how much spending money do you need, what clothes do you pack and so many more. “Your” business deserves the same attention by creating an all-encompassing plan that will certainly help give that successful result you intend. Stay tuned!

By Hal Butler, Realtor

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