Completing your own renovations Part 2

March 13, 2023


When you decide to complete “home renovations”, you need to understand that certain tasks must use “licensed” trades people. Some of the trades that use “licensed” people are plumbing, electrical, & mechanical. Even though this is a must, many people still do renovation work themselves to save money and therefore, they bypass laws and regulations. What they don’t understand is that by doing this, they create a “liability” that can be very costly to the homeowner who made the changes via a lawsuit by the new homeowners. 

I have seen weight-bearing walls taken down to create an “open concept” space between the living room and the dining room / kitchen. The removed wall wasn’t replaced by an “engineered beam” which caused the ceiling to eventually bow under the weight. I have seen walls taken down in the basement and not replaced by posts. These sample issues are dangerous ones and create a vulnerability in the structure dangerous to the family living there.

People who purchase a property without a licensed realtor open themselves to potential lawsuits, potential dangers, and even life-threatening situations.

Next week - “Completing your own renovations Part 3”.

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