Daily connections needed?

August 22, 2022

Each of our days need us to build new connections, maintain connections that we wish to keep, and release some that must be let go. It is a constant juggling of one’s priorities to keep one’s connections where they should be in case they are needed.

In everyday life, we need people to assist us with our “moving ahead” process. We can’t exist without connections to others, even if they are seemingly insignificant to us. 

We have relationships with people and with ourselves. We have relationships with others, with our homes, with our cars, and so much more. When we are building new relationships with new people, we often ask for referrals from those who we trust. We then move forward with the new relationship. To keep these relationships in good working order each day, they must be nurtured. This nurturing takes time, patience, and understanding.  Someday, we will need to use this new relationship.

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