Do you have "windmills in your mind"? Stand Tall and Stand Out!

February 22, 2022

This expression has always been open to interpretation. I believe this expression is giving reference to what happens in a person’s mind who doesn’t have personal success through the creation and achievement of one’s “goals and objectives”. The windmills whether big or small show a “constant speed & direction”. As another expression comments, “if you continue to do the same things you have always done, you will continue to get the same results that you have always gotten.” Those results would be “constant speed & direction” without success! In other words, you may be moving but you still aren’t going anywhere! You are living like a hamster on a spinning wheel - moving but yet stationary.

How does one change an idea from “windmills in one’s mind” to “thinking outside the box”? Change can indeed be initiated, created and implemented but to do this, one must create a “life plan”! This “life plan” begins with you creating a list of “wants, needs, & desires”for your life. Once this list is created, it needs to be broken down into “Goals and Objectives”. Each “Goal” is the “ultimate desired result of a series of actions”. These actions are called “Objectives”. “Objectives” are the paths taken to obtain your desired results! One quote I created says, “you must start somewhere to get somewhere”… HDB 2017. This applies to everything that we do in life. Just begin! There is assistance available!

There are people in your community that can assist you with the journey you are taking. Help us populate by searching there for PROs to help you with your tasks OR reccommend PROs to sign up! It’s FREE! Remember, Stand Tall and Stand Out!

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