Find a home near your school of choice

December 19, 2022

When you move to a new city or you are in the planning stage of your move, if you have children, it is important to research the schools in your city of choice.

You should check for the names of the schools you would like your children to attend. Call the school board in that area and once you have located those schools, may be walk the area and ask people who live there if their children went to school in the area. Ask them about the schools. Then, check those areas for homes that are for sale. Working with one realtor will get you the results you are looking for. Realtors have access to software that will pinpoint homes in the area of your choice considering all the criteria you want to have met for your move.

People ask for a specific location, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size of the home, size of the complete property lot, garage, backyard, schools in the area, churches in the area, and specific distance from their place of work. Some people want to be near a park, near a golf course, near shopping, and so much more. Others want to buy a “waterfront” property. It takes a skilled realtor to find the property that has the family’s personality. Buying property usually involves a change in family circumstance. Our PROs can help!

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