Got Business Marketing?

September 12, 2022

There really isn’t much difference in what tasks must be completed in a business with just the owner employed or 100 people employed! The following must be understood: Marketing, Financial, Operations, & Communications. Just opening the business, isn’t enough! Do more! Receive more! Be more!

Does your business have many clients and abundant sales? Many owners do not create a “Marketing Plan” because they feel they have enough sales, or they are too busy at present. Business advisors say to create a monthly “Marketing Plan” and maintain it monthly or pay in full for the year. The mistake is usually made NOT to create a marketing budget because the business income is great! The business income will not always be great, so the “Marketing Plan” is very important to implement. It keeps your company in the public’s eye! They see your company’s name, and they hear it. This makes the company “familiar” because “out-of-site” does mean “out-of-mind”!

Next week’s Blog Brief will focus on the “Financials” of a business!

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