How do you move these rocks?

May 09, 2022

How do you move these rocks if you were asked to move them? There are many of them here. How would you begin? What should you do? Think about this problem for a bit before you answer.

One should always analyze the problem and brainstorm with themselves first. Once you realize that something must be done, you create as many solutions to the problem as you can. Once this is done, you must create a “plan”! What exactly is a “plan”? 

A “plan” is 1) a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something or 2) an intention or decision about what one is going to do. Even though everyone understands what a “plan” is, many people complete needed tasks without one! No task “plan”! No business “plan”! No personal life “plan”! Why is that?

Everything can be completed better and more efficiently with a “plan” of approach! If we develop a “plan” for each task, for our business if we have one, and especially for our life, we have greater odds of obtaining our desired results. It doesn’t mean we will get those results for sure, but the odds of getting those desired results are much better.

Try this experiment. Cut off a good amount of two-sided tape and roll it into a ball. Set up a target on a wall. Get a blindfold and wear it. Spin around five times. Visualize the target and try to hit it. What is the result? Try the same experiment while not blindfolded. What is the result this time?

When you can see the target, you have a better opportunity of hitting it. Set yourself up for success! Don’t be blindfolded in your business or in your personal life!

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By Hal Butler BA, Bed, Realtor

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