Little People! Big Ideas!

February 20, 2023

“When hope disappears, we are at risk of becoming what we are not…” What a quote! Speaks volumes doesn’t it? How does this resonate with you?

We live our lives with “hope” for different things, such as “hope for good marks”, “hope that she will say yes to marriage”, “hope you get that job”, 

“hope that your children are successful people in their lives”, “hope to buy the house of your dreams”, “hope your business thrives”, and so much more.

One important fact to remember “hope means nothing without action…” HDB 2023. Think about this for a bit. You can “hope” for all things to come to pass for you, but if you aren’t “actioning” it, then nothing will ever come to you.

Any kind of success will certainly begin with “hope”; however, designing a “plan of action” to assist you with obtaining whatever it is you are “hoping for”, has to be created and implemented to meet that “hope” goal. You will have greater odds of success when you set “Goals & Objectives” which is the “ACTION” in your design. 

We plan and give action to many things! Why not take action in our life?

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