Need a restoration? Need pictures taken? What do you need exactly?

January 10, 2022

We all have needs! We can’t be an expert in everything! We can polish one skill, but we still need other people for all the other skills we don’t have. The point is that you can become an expert in anything you want to do. You just have to “focus”.

You are given or you will find yourself in a certain circumstance. You must use that circumstance to your advantage! What can you learn from this circumstance? Can you add this “learning” to what you already know? Will this knowledge move you forward as an expert in this area? Remember, to create “the knowledgeable you”, you must use every situation to your advantage and that will help separate you from the rest! 

Do you want to live in the “state of mediocrity”? Do you just want to be “ordinary”? You do have the tools to become who you were meant to be! You need to understand that you do have the “extra” to become “extra-ordinary”! 

Learn what you need to learn. Learn what excites you! Learn as much as you can! Be a “forever learner”! You still need to realize that you will need others who have the skills that you do not have. Surround yourself with others who feel it’s important to be the best that you can be because they will be busy becoming the best that they can be!

Get that object restored! Get those pictures taken! Find out what tasks you need completed now!

 Be “Proactive”! Search! Find what you need! Be secure! Be warm! Be dry! Be present!

By Hal Butler, Realtor

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