Need a symmetrical design? Act today!

November 15, 2021

Whether your plans are to begin a new build or to begin a renovation project, the process should begin with a “design” of what you plan to build or to renovate. This should be completed by a PRO that is a true “expert” in this area. Be careful who you choose because mistakes in design can be costly, and / or you may not get what you wanted to begin with. 

For example, an architect designed my 30’ x 50’ garage and I wanted a cantilever deck off my living room overlooking the water and a cantilever deck off the master bedroom for its sunrises. A cantilever design requires no posts for ground stability. The cantilever was designed, and the build was started. When the build got to the actual cantilever deck for the master bedroom, the builder realized because of the location of the master bedroom, a cantilever deck could not be built because of its proximity to the cantilevered living room deck. The cantilever would now be crossed and that couldn’t be built that way. Because of this incorrect design, the bedroom deck had to have posts installed. This wasn’t what we wanted.

Though we never tried to cut corners with the building design, the cost of any building project is always a concern.  I have heard of clients that have been too “financially” conscious and have tried to cut corners in ways they should not have. It is never prudent to not check on things because of the associated costs. This is true because if not investigated before the purchase and the associated costs accepted, there will usually be higher costs involved later.

For example, when listing your home, I would advise a “Home Inspection” to identify any issues that may be present that would reduce the price of purchase during negotiations. These issues can be repaired before clients begin property negotiations.

It is always advisable to investigate, to identify, and to repair issues before your property is listed!

Start today! Be “Proactive”! Search! Be secure, warm, and dry!

By Hal Butler, Realtor

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