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March 14, 2022


A house is a house of course of course unless the house is one that’s just not lived in. Then, it really isn’t a house! I guess it’s just a property with “a story”. This church has been torn down since this picture was taken, but it too, would certainly have a book of stories for people to read!

Any property that you own needs to have its interior and exterior kept as current as possible for if not, when the property is listed “For Sale” at some point, it will not get the best “sold” price. I have seen this time and time again. People purchase their home, live in it, and leave it like the day they purchased it for 35 years, and then list it “For Sale”.  They then expect to maximize their “equity/profit” for their property. That is not what will happen, and it will usually be to costly to renovate, all that is needed, all at once.

As people, we are supposed to have a “medical checkup” once every couple of years to make sure we are healthy as we move forward with our life. We should also perform a “property checkup” on our property/properties every couple of years as well. This would ensure proper “maintenance” of the home. I have seen roof problems and foundation problems with many other types of problems in between. Many of these problems the homeowner wasn’t even aware of. Just imagine listing your home and when the “Home Inspection” occurs, the inspector tells you that several roof trusses have been rotted and need to be replaced! These types of repairs can be costly and stressful when they occur. So why let that occur!!

Along with this “property checkup”, I have always advised my listing clients to pay for a “Home Inspection”. This will give the homeowner the opportunity to “repair” any damage that has occurred to the home before perspective “buyers” visit the property to make their offer. The home can be repaired, and “receipts” can be given to the potential buyers when offers are made via the “Residential Property Disclosure Statement”. 

Like all things, to live a great life that is mostly stress-free, we must be “pro-active” with all facets of our life! We need to “plan, prepare, and persist” in all that we do.

To find the PROneeded to assist us, we should be “Proactive”! Search! Join! Find what you need! Keep your property renovated and in great shape!

By Hal Butler, BA, Bed, Realtor

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