Need siding and/or windows

December 29, 2021

Though you may not have a home exterior like this, many older homes have not been renovated. They have their original windows and siding, along with many other interior “past oddities”. To keep a home to its “maximum current value”, a homeowner must renovate the home every couple of years. When the time comes to sell the home, by renovating it over time, it will keep its optimum value! 

If you decide to renovate, you should evaluate your home with respect to improvements. What “must” be completed to help maintain value? Back in the day, carpet was the “must have”! Now, it’s hardwood floors. Back in the day, colored bathroom pieces were the “must have”! A light blue sink with matching tub and toilet was very popular many moons ago! Now, it’s white porcelain with accents. If you have either in your home, whatever “interior or exterior history” you have, needs to go! Having it in your home, will reduce your maximum value substantially! Potential buyers will indeed see what needs to be completed and will decide on the purchase, usually not by what they like, but by the financial changes they feel the home needs to have, to match their personality.

“Need siding and / or windows” is a metaphor for renovating everything on the interior and exterior of every home. All styles, trends or fads have a shelf-life. For home value to be current and stay current, one’s home must be a “renovation in progress”. It’s much easier to complete “a little by little” than it is to complete a lot all at once. Most people will not do a lot of renovations all at once because it is too costly. I know a person who was advised to complete $30,000 in renovations. They completed this renovation and saw a $100,000 increase in home listing price. This means they saw a $70,000 profit from their $30,000 renovation budget. 

PROs who are true experts in their field can help give your home that all-needed “makeover”! Start today! 

Be “Proactive”! Search! Find what you need! Be secure! Be warm! Be dry! Be current!

By Hal Butler, Realtor


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