Need steps?

March 07, 2022

This picture of the staircase was taken in an abandoned home. A home that hasn’t been lived in nor has it been taken care of for many years. The “staircase” can represent the “actual” steps taken that will bring us to another part of the property. It could also represent the “steps” and numerous “staircases” that we must take that will lead us to the next part of our lives.

Taking either of these “staircases” to the next level requires an “action or actions” on our part. The point here is that “steps” will “ALWAYS” lead us somewhere! We wouldn’t usually take steps to a location that we were unsure of. If we knew where the steps led, we would feel safe taking them; however, taking those steps up or down to a dark place that was unknown to us would make us hesitate or stop our movement in that direction. 

To further explain this concept, if we create a “plan” to help us move forward in our lives, we will most definitely have to also create “steps” that will “action” us forward. These “steps” will have to be created, implemented, reviewed, and possibly adjusted consistently if we are to use them safely. Those “steps” MUST be maintained, unlike the “steps” in the above picture!

The objects that surround us daily must also be taken care of. The relationSHIPs that we build in each of our lives must consistently be nurtured and repaired, if they are to serve us in the best ways possible. So too, must any objects we own.

In our businesses, as too, as in our lives, we must create a “plan” that moves that entity forward. With that “plan”, there must also be “goals” and “objectives”. These “goals” and “objectives” are key to living a good life. Planning anything, will get us better results than not planning! Think about that! Have you planned anything lately?

Even though planning will create a better life, there will still be issues with our home, our car, and more, we will still need to find experts that will assist us with needed repairs. Finding these PROs can sometimes be an issue and that is why was created.

To find these PROs, we should be “Proactive”! Search! Join! Find what you need!

By Hal Butler, BA, Bed, Realtor

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