Perspective Awareness?

March 28, 2022

What can be said about one’s “Awareness Perspective”? As people, we should consistently “self-explore” and consistently complete “self-inventories”. What we were yesterday, we are not today! What we are today, we will not be tomorrow! Our “content”, what makes us who we are as a person, does indeed change daily. “Who we are” will always change day-to-day because each day adds more experiences to our “personal knowledge library” and this added knowledge will indeed change us! Some days, just by a little and other days, by a lot! We grow by learning new things. “New knowledge becomes knew knowledge”!

We have many lives that we live that must be balanced daily: family, spousal, social, employment, financial, individual, and more. It requires close attention to detail to allow us to live with minimal frustration and stress. If you think about it for a minute, it takes a lot of energy and focus to keep these lives “positive” and in balance.

The caption in the picture above also speaks of “silence of the soul” which describes a “calm state” that our soul really should be living in. Stress kills indiscriminately so whatever we do in life should be geared towards creating that “calm” life. A “purity of the mind” explains that “pure positive thought” will help create that “calm” feeling. We must engage in activities that assist us with obtaining this feeling in life. A “wellness of the heart” adds to the “calm” feeling we should have once wellness is obtained and maintained. The heart is the “driving force” of the body and it too needs to be in great working condition. This begins with the fuel we use for energy and the exercise we complete to help maintain our health. Finally, a “clarity of eventual choice” means that with a “silence of the soul”, a “purity of the mind”, and a “wellness of the heart”, will help provide us with a “clarity” in our decisions that we have to make. We need to be operating with “peak performance” if we are to succeed in our life at any level.  


By Hal Butler, BA, BEd, Realtor

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