Renovations can be your success!

May 02, 2022

We feel better when our surroundings are the way we want them to be. Comfort is of great importance to all of us; however, each of us have different levels of comfort. If our residence isn’t what we wish it to be, we must develop & follow a renovation plan to make those necessary changes that will create our sanctuary.

There is a very low number of properties available for purchase in the Greater Moncton Area. Because of this, home prices have increased substantially. There are, however, properties that are in major need of renovations. I have searched for and purchased several of these properties to “Renovate and Sell”. 

The properties purchased are “deconstructed” down to stud visibility, are re-designed, and then constructed using the best supplies available. The properties are changed to meet the needs of the today’s public. The last property I purchased had to be raised and moved off the property line. It also had a major misuse of interior space. It had 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with lots of functional design issues. It was re-designed to include a separate dining room with a new large window, a laundry room, 4 bedrooms with the master bedroom having its own ensuite, and of course a centrally located bathroom for the home. The living room had a bigger window installed, and it now had a larger spectacular unobstructed view of the Cocagne River.

If you are looking for a newer home and cannot find one, a “renovation project” might be what the doctor ordered. In this situation, with a great interior designer, the home of your dreams can be realized. All you need do is search areas where you would like to live and purchase a home there if there are any available. If there are none, approach the owners of homes you “would be” interested in.

By Hal Butler BA BEd Realtor

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