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April 18, 2022

We have created a website to give PROs a new venue to advertise their “skill areas” to their local audience. As a business owner, having access to as many venues as possible to advertise one’s business creates a competitive advantage for that business owner. A business owner should choose as many venues as possible both in slow times and in busy times to market their services or products. Keeping the public aware that “you” exist is very important, no matter how busy you are for there will be slow times and even in those slow times, you will need the public to be aware of who you are and the product or services that you provide.

The Greater Moncton Area (GMA) has many GREAT crafts people! We have many carpenters, plumbers, electricians, home staging specialists, HVAC specialists, realtors, and more who can assist the public with completion of any “home-related” tasks. We have great tutors, graphic artists, programmers, and more who can also assist in any other activities that the public might need assistance with.

Knowledge is key when completing all tasks. If we are unable to complete certain tasks, we need to find the right PROs with the right knowledge who can complete those tasks for us. The website can be searched by the public at no cost when looking for specific PROs to assist them. Our experts have the right knowledge for these tasks. Our experts are right here in “the Greater Moncton Area”! Call them today to assist you with your task completion!

By Hal Butler BA BEd Realtor

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