Siding? Isn’t it time?

January 31, 2022


What would you call this? Too late? Weather and time will play havoc with everything that “lives” outside. To create a continued increase and sustainable value in your home, you must “keep the value in the times”. Homeowners who do not “keep the value in the times”, really are doing a dis-service to their home. They will not have an “optimized home value” and when the time comes to sell the property, it will cost too much to modernize to obtain this maximum value. 

This is unfortunate. As a realtor, I have come across this situation many times where at the time of “listing the property”, homeowners do not have the money to complete any renovations to modernize the home.  Because of this, the home will sell for a lot less than it should!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it!”, said entrepreneur Peter Drucker. That quote could be extrapolated to cover many areas of our life. If we use the “listing of the property” above for our example, we know that at some point in our lives, the family home will have to be sold. There are many reasons for this property to be listed: divorce, death, employment relocation, job loss, and more. When it must be sold, wouldn’t it be great to obtain the highest market value for the home? To do this, it must be updated while you live in it, every couple of years! A little money here and there will almost not be noticed, as opposed to completing all renovations all at once. If this is done, present and future maximum value can be realized.

To do this, we should be “Proactive”! Search! Join! Find what you need!

Be secure! Be warm! Be dry! Be present!

By Hal Butler, Realtor

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