Siding Issues?

May 24, 2022

What type of exterior siding do you have on your home? The common exteriors in our area are “Aluminum, Vinyl, Brick, Wood, Stucco, and Stone”. If you purchase an older home, the siding will probably be aluminum or wood. If you purchase a property that is 20-30 years old, the exterior may be vinyl in some form. There has been “Vinyl Clapboard, Wide Vinyl, & the newer thin strip vinyl”. The “thin strip vinyl” is common in today’s marketplace.

If you decide to sell any property you may own, it should be polished to sell as well as “maintained” over its life while you owned it. Your home is a primary investment and therefore, should be “renovation current” as I call it. This means that over the years you have owned your property, you kept it “current” with “trends” of the times. In this way, your home will always be “current” and ready for market, if you must sell quickly.

To maintain the best ROI - Return On Investment out of your home purchase, you must maintain it. To create a great “Reno-current” routine, you must have trusted experts available to you. They are out there! Search our website!

Contact one of the PROs on our website. Set yourself up for success!

By Hal Butler BA, Bed, Realtor


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