November 21, 2022

Stop” what you are doing, daily! Understand the impact of what you are doing AND what you aren’t doing! Smile, breathe, and move forward with intent!

Do you have a “plan” for your retirement? You say, “that’s too far down the road in my life to plan for it”. That’s not true!! It really isn’t! Please continue.

Most of the “events” in your life that went “well”, were “planned”! Did you ever “plan” a holiday trip? A birthday party? A barbeque? The list could go on. The answer of course is “yes”! Though, your retirement is presently out of site, the clock is still “ticking”: TICK TOCK TICK TOCK!

It’s an all too familiar sentiment I hear from people - “I didn’t realize the time would go so fast”! Many people I have spoken with over the past number of years, are on the “eve” of their retirement and realize that they are just not prepared! They never completed a “Retirement Budget” of how much money they would need at 60, 65, or 70 years of age to live “comfortable”. Have you?

You need to write a list of all the expenses you would have in those retirement years: rent, electricity, heat, food, car, meds, others. DO IT TODAY! Prepare! Don’t realize too late that you can’t make change! Do it today!

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