Success, where does it begin? Part 2

January 23, 2023

In the last Blog Article, we began discussing “success”. We left off at “But what happens when the “content” creates confusion? What happens when the student gets lost in what seems to be a mountain of information? If that occurs, you must find a way to “understand & retain that content”. How would you do this?

Here is one avenue you could travel. I wrote a “Guide” entitled “LADDER TO SUCCESS”. This “Guide” discusses “strategies” that will help with “content retention”. Whether you are in high school, at a post-secondary institution, or studying content at the corporate level, this “Guide” will help you with your “content retention”! It discusses “u as a student, financial future focus, organization, time management, classrooms, creating notes, taking tests, and much more”. There is an option when you purchase this “Guide” to join a “one-to-one” with the author. The author would go through this “Guide” with you if that purchase option was chosen. This “Guide” discusses all the strategies I have used with my students (at the three education levels listed above) during the past 35+ years of course deliveries. Get this “GUIDE”!

Next week, Part 3 of “Success, where does it begin?”

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