Success, where does it begin? Part 3

January 30, 2023

In the last Blog Article, we began discussing “success”. We left off at “But what happens when the “content” creates confusion? What happens when the student gets lost in what seems to be a mountain of information? If that occurs, you must find a way to “understand & retain that content”. How would you do this?

Another way to help the person “understand & retain content” is to create a “study group” on this particular subject matter and become a member of that group. This is usually how university students help each other in certain subjects when they need assistance. This works because each person knows something different about the subject matter, and each is willing to help the others in that “study group”.

Those that need assistance can also hire a “tutor”.  Make sure you locate one that is in their 4th / 5th year of university and specialize in that subject matter. Many “subject matter teachers” quite often “tutor” those who need assistance in particular areas. I have been tutoring for many years because I enjoy helping others, whether it be math, business, entrepreneurship, or personal development. It’s great to be able to assist others!

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