The FLIP: Renovate2Sell or Renovate2Love! Act today!

February 07, 2022

I have purchased homes for under $100,000 in this area of New Brunswick and renovated them completely. I have used many PROs to do this. The picture on the left is the original property and the picture on the right is the same property renovated. The properties purchased were always gutted completely on the inside, re-designed, and renovated to code using the best materials. 

With homebuilding prices at approximately $225 - $250 per square foot in this area, plus the added land costs, it will be more inexpensive to purchase a home in the location where you wish to live and renovate it to your family’s personality. To do this, you would need “trusted PROs” to complete that renovation.

My partner and I have chosen some trades people who did not give great workmanship in their specific area.  Because of this, work had to be redone until we were satisfied with the completed result. Once we found the “right” PRO for the job, we used them repeatedly, as well as referred them to all our clients. 

Great results can be obtained when you use the right tools! Great results can be obtained when you use the right “PROs” for the job! 

Knowledge is key to the world around us. We cannot be “experts” in everything, so we need to choose others who are skilled in those areas that we are not but still need. 

A home is a very important investment. For most people, it is the most important investment that they will make in their life. Shouldn’t they have the BEST people to complete that work?

Start today! Be “Proactive”! Search! Be secure, warm, and dry!

By Hal Butler, Realtor

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