Tiny house repairs?

February 14, 2022

How quaint! Small! Cozy! Definitely needs work! Most home sales today need renovations because homeowners do not usually keep up with the trends in exterior and interior styles during the years in which they own their home. Maximization of home value is rarely thought of “until” the home must be sold. At that time, it usually costs a lot of money to make the “required renovations to optimize value”. Homeowners usually try to spend “just enough”, and this “just enough” won’t bring the optimum value. It will only sell for a “just enough” price!

Managing all aspects of your life is not an easy process. Looking after your family and your job takes a lot of time and effort! So, because of this, other processes, like home value optimization is not identified and remedied. As we have discussed in a previous blog article, you call certain people when certain things go wrong. So too, your home should have “PROs” who you can call to complete the work as needed.

PROroofers can be contacted to repair your roof! OneStopHomePROs or weHOPE realty can be contacted when it is time to sell your property! Contact Hal@875.4507 or email at

By Hal Butler, Realtor

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