To oil or not to oil, that is the question?

February 06, 2023

Do you use “oil”? Our society will reduce its oil consumption over the next 20 years or so. Do you start reducing today or procrastinate until it’s too late?

Some of the present-day homes have oil furnaces and oil-fired hot water heaters. Usually, these are in older homes, and these homes have not been renovated. These “oil consumers” are being phased out by their owners. The “oil” fuel has increased in price dramatically, and property owners are switching out these “oil burners” for propane or electric furnaces and hot water heaters.

This will be another important issue that will soon come to light. That is that there are many other products that we consume, made from “oil”, such as perfume, hair dye, cosmetics, hand lotion, toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, deodorant, panty hose, combs, shampoo, eye glasses, and contact lenses. What will be done with these products? How will these products be changed or will they? Do your research about “oil”. Be prepared for what’s coming!

Reduce your “oil” consumption today! “Oils well that ends well”, isn’t true!

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