What do you need now?

January 17, 2022

Buildings can tumble and fall. They will return to the soil from whence they came. To allow what we build to “stand” the test of time, we must maintain it well, whether it be our bodies, our minds, or something we build outside of us. We need to have associations with others to keep these things well maintained.

It is said that knowledge is power and “With great power comes great responsibility”. This is a quote from Marvel’s “Spiderman”. When we have a great amount of “knowledge” in a specific area, we should use this knowledge to help those who do not have it. That is the purpose of helping others and it is a “Life Principle / Natural Law” called “Service”. We should become a PRO to others, while they become PROs to us!

PROfessional people are around us everywhere and we should create a list of those that help us in our life. We have a dentist, a doctor, a physiotherapist, and others. We should also have a list of PROs who can help us in every other part of our life as well. All those things we own that are very important to us need to have PROs who can repair them if we cannot. If we own a home, a car, ride-on mower, etc. we should create a PRO list. Maybe you will need a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, a roofer, a concrete specialist, a small engine mechanic, an auto mechanic, and / or others. We should grow this list and when certain PROs retire or move on, we should replace them as soon as we can for we might need them tomorrow!

To do this, we should be “Proactive”! Search! Join! Find what you need!

Be secure! Be warm! Be dry! Be present!

By Hal Butler, Realtor


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