Pro sign up is a website that will give the public a searchable online database to find "PROfessionals" of all walks of life. If you need a PRO, then search our database. If you are a PRO, join our database. The website will be marketed throughout the tri-city area to create awareness for our PROs. Clothing, billboards, restaurant menus, vehicle wraps, social media marketing, such as Google Ranking Index & Facebook Marketing and much more will assist in this marketing campaign.

As a PRO, you will have a PROfile page with access to a PROshop, PROjects to get quotes, PROduction videos, referrals and much more.

What is the main goal of a Cooperative?

  • The website applies the “Cooperative Business Model” with respect to the advertising of our PRO membership by creating a marketing campaign to minimize risk for the PRO to "zero" and maximize marketing coverage. Membership in will also help establish a sense of empowerment to our PROs by becoming a member of our Preferred network”.

  • Cooperative businesses are organized for the purpose of improving the bargaining power of the individual members and the product or service provided by the members. In this case, the marketing of the PROs’ services. They also aim to provide more competition to larger companies with deeper pockets to expand opportunities in the marketplace and take advantage of them.

  • Cooperative Business Model Example: A farmer needs to buy a combine harvester; however, let’s say that the price tag is $250,000! Alone, he is one sale and therefore, the farmer is unable to obtain a reduction in the purchase price in any amount. The farmer meets with 100 other farmers who need the same piece of equipment and then, connects with the supplier to purchase 100 combine harvesters. Because the group is buying 100 pieces of equipment, the supplier reduces the price of this combine harvester from $250,000 to $200,000. This is a savings of $50,000 per farmer where if each purchased one piece alone, there would be no reduction.

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